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  사이판 모든통신 두절-- 해저케이블 사고
  사이판 자살절벽 항공촬영 팬텀 비젼플러스
  사이판 렌트카
  중국 러시아인 비자
  10월 아시아나 유류할증료 인상 안내
  아시아나 9월분 유류할증료 안내입니다.
  3월 유류할증료 안내입니다.

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  hello. I am a rental car user from June 8th to June 11th. First of all, I made a reservation for Versa, but thank you for automatically upgrading me to Sentra. The inside of the car was clean, but on the second day (the longest I used the car), I saw one cockroach. One of the promotions included 3-day use of Isim and a beach chair, but I couldn't use either. When I came to the hotel and quickly looked up the article, it said that I had to register my SIM card before leaving the country and use it right away, but we didn't receive a QR and usage number in advance, so I was confused. Because it was the weekend, they didn't respond right away, but I received a QR late through KakaoTalk consultation, but registration was not possible (all 2 cases). I think it was an omission that it was not provided in advance, but there was no mention of this, and as we trusted only the E-sim provision, we were unable to use our cell phones. It was very uncomfortable. There were no inconveniences in using the vehicle, and picking it up and returning it right at the airport was convenient.
  The rental and return process was not difficult and was processed quickly. The vehicle was brand new and in very good condition.
  The staff were all friendly and the car was clean and nice. Next time I go to Guam again, I will definitely rent a Nissan car.
  There are many rental car companies in Guam, but there is nothing like Nissan Rent-a-Car's full coverage insurance. If you book online, you can get a discount and upgrade the car, so I had a great time driving the Nissan Kicks. It was a hassle to call a taxi and wait for it to return, so I rented a taxi to conveniently go to various places, such as going to Don Quixote late at night or the Guam GNTC tennis court. If you know how to drive, renting a car is a good idea. Driving is actually easier than in Korea. Google Maps tells you well. Even when renting, you only need to understand a little English. Once you complete driver registration in Korea, you can copy your license at the counter and receive your car keys. Every time I come to Guam, I rent one from Nissan. We are the only company that covers vehicle glass and tires.
  It was an upgrade from the original vehicle. The condition of the car wasn't bad, but it had no tinting at all, so it was difficult to drive around during the day. Tinting was definitely needed. Other than that, I was able to use it without any major inconvenience.
  This was my second trip to Guam, and both times I rented a car from Nissan. Friendly staff, good prices, and a variety of vehicles. Next time I go to Guam, I will use Nissan, and I am recommending it to other friends!
  The vehicle's brake and accelerator pedals were too stiff. It was a pleasant trip. I will use it again the next time I go to Guam.

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