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  사이판 모든통신 두절-- 해저케이블 사고
  사이판 자살절벽 항공촬영 팬텀 비젼플러스
  사이판 렌트카
  중국 러시아인 비자
  10월 아시아나 유류할증료 인상 안내
  아시아나 9월분 유류할증료 안내입니다.
  3월 유류할증료 안내입니다.

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  I used it very well as it was cheaper than other companies and had good service. Inquiries from Korea were also responded to kindly, so I was able to use the service without any worries. I highly recommend making a reservation here rather than through the official Nissan Rent-a-Car website as it is easier and better in terms of language and conditions.
  It was a plan for 2 adults and 2 children, and I was very grateful that they upgraded us thoughtfully. The car was also very clean, so we rented half of the itinerary and enjoyed the trip comfortably. The staff were friendly and everything went smoothly, which made me feel good :-) I will definitely use it when I go to Guam again. It's cheaper than Korean rental cars and I'm very satisfied with all the services and vehicles!!
  The price was reasonable and it was easy to receive the key at the office at the airport. However, if possible, how about adding a service that has a Korean car manual and sends it via KakaoTalk?
  I always use a Nissan rental car every time I go to Guam :) In the past, I didn't know that it was only available at the airport and returned at the airport, but they even provided pick-up and drop-off, so it was very convenient, and the staff were all friendly. Boosters, etc. can be rented for free, and I used them well at a reasonable price :) The car I used had cloth seats and it was used by many people, so it was a bit disappointing that there were white stains on the seats, whether from sweat or from people sitting in the wet state after going into the sea. However, I still used it well. I think I will use Nissan rental car again next time. thank you
  I use it every time I come to Guam. Thank you for the good service at a very reasonable price. You can fill up with about 2 gallons per tank. ^^
  I use it every time I come to Guam. Thank you for the good service at the best price. Each tank holds about 2 gallons of gas, so please keep in mind the fuel amount when returning the vehicle^^
  It was very convenient to be able to pick it up right from the airport at the start of the trip. In Guam, the sunlight is strong and taxi fares are very expensive, so I definitely recommend renting a car. There are no Korean employees, but they explain the precautions slowly. I like it. I recommend it.

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