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  사이판 모든통신 두절-- 해저케이블 사고
  사이판 자살절벽 항공촬영 팬텀 비젼플러스
  사이판 렌트카
  중국 러시아인 비자
  10월 아시아나 유류할증료 인상 안내
  아시아나 9월분 유류할증료 안내입니다.
  3월 유류할증료 안내입니다.

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  Excellent value for money. I highly recommend it. You can return it to the airport, and the pickup and return process is smooth and smooth. Thank you for the free upgrade.
  The exterior condition of the car was also very bad. Isn't that giving away a car with damage while on a trip? I was embarrassed to use the car throughout the trip. It's a bit harsh to rent tires with cracks in them. And when I rented it, the gas tank wasn't full, and even though the gauge wasn't full, it said it was full, so I just rented it. The driving range was 270. When I returned it, I filled it with a full tank and brought it to 280, but they told me it was not a full tank and asked me to pay an additional fee. The desk explained things a lot, so I didn't pay, but I had to hurry up and go through the process, but I got scolded for explaining it. Overall, the exterior condition is very poor, and I don't understand why the employees don't explain insurance and ask us to pay more for gas. It feels unfair that I paid money to use the car.
  It was very convenient, and most of all, I liked the various benefits provided when renting for more than 4 days! I was able to take advantage of the upgrades, beach chairs, eggs, etc. It would be nice if there were benefits for re-booking the next time I go to Guam! I am willing to re-book. Thank you :)
  Everything was satisfactory. The service was good, including free eggs and beach chairs. However, I think it would be nice if the car had a nice smell. It was a bit disappointing that the smell in the car was not pleasant.
  Since you can easily pick up and return the car at the airport, using a rental car is helpful for families with children as it allows them to travel easily and quickly. Also, it was nice to be able to shorten the time when leaving Guam by only checking that the fuel was filled when signing up for insurance.
  The condition of the car was very good and the price was cheap, so I was satisfied with the ride.^^
  I am very satisfied with Nissan cars. I will 100% use them again on my next visit~~

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